They Reported Her Missing Baby, But When The Police Arrived, She Was Found In The Most Unexpected Place

Date April 5, 2018

The authorities of Ensenada and the general public cannot get over the feelings that the news of a little one-year-old child caused when she disappeared.

The mysterious call from the parents


The report was received on March 24, in the port of Baja California Sur (Mexico), and as soon as possible, the Agents of the State Ministerial Police went to the address located on Opal Street in the Industrial neighborhood.

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On arriving at the place, the agents noticed that the versions of both parents did not agree and that, in addition, it was suspect that they had consumed drugs.

When the police entered the home, they realized that the child reported as missing was in fact in the chair, in the middle of a pile of dirty clothes and garbage.


What the authorities decided to do

Jonathan Gutiérrez Madrigal and Itzel López Romero were placed at the disposal of the authorities and their baby taken to the DIF facilities.


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Although the investigation was canceled less than an hour later, since the minor had been located, there was an arrest: That of Juan Ignacio, uncle of the minor, and who has now been accused as the alleged culprit of the disappearance of the girl, as it was found in a room of his property.

What is really strange about the case is that there are rumors that suggest the girl's relatives were worried about the little girl's well-being, so they decided to remove her from her parents' home for their own good.

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