Luisana Lopilato And Michael Buble Celebrate The Fact Their Son Is Cancer-Free With Some Good News

Date March 13, 2018 13:33

For the last 18 months, the life of Luisana Lopilato and her husband Michael Buble looked like a nightmare. Their four-year old son Noah was diagnosed with a cancer, and all this time he was battling with this horrible disease. Now, he is finally in the clear, and the family can breathe a sigh of relief.

We did all the tests, and finally, we found out that it was what it was. These things, when they happen to you in life, they make you realize that the most important thing isn’t what you thought it was — it’s to have faith, to be strong. There were nights I couldn’t sleep, that I prayed to God, because it is a long process — but thank God the worst is over.

But there are some other great news: Luisana Lopilato and Michael Buble are expecting their third child. Besides Noah, the couple also has the two-year-old Elias, and soon they will have another baby. Welcoming a new family member is the best way to turn the page on son Noah’s cancer drama.

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It became clear when the Argentinian journalist Laura Ufbal revealed the woman is two and a half months pregnant and is going to tell family and friends the next month.

According to the information from the local media channels, they are going to announce it at the end of March, when the couple will be in Argentina to promote the new movie where Luisana Lopilato plays a police officer investigating human trafficking.

During one of her recent interviews, Luisana was talking about kids:

I would love to have another child because being a mother is the best role. I would love to have 20 children, but my body wouldn’t be up to it.

What a great news for the family! We hope that from now on, there will only be happy events in their lives!

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