Florida Mom Reported A False Kidnapping After She Lost Her 6-Year-Old Daughter During A Drunken Spree

Date April 12, 2018

A woman from West Palm Beach, Maria Irias, reportedly lost her 6-year-old daughter after she got terribly drunk. She is being held at the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office for lying about the incident.

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She made up a kidnap story

Her troubles started when she reported that her daughter had been kidnapped instead of coming clean about the circumstances that led to her disappearance.

Her complaint caused an Amber Alert to be issued, and officers began a search to find the 'missing' girl.

Irias cooked up an elaborate story. She told the police that she was at the El Bodegon supermarket with her daughter on Saturday night when a man she described as "black" offered them a lift.


He zoomed off with her daughter after she highlighted from his vehicle, according to her account. She described the alleged suspect and kidnapping in detail.

Her confession

Irias, 29, later came clean admitted to the police that she had been drinking form most of that Saturday and simply could not remember where her daughter was.

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PBSO reports that the missing girl, Nataly Irias, was later found on that same night with her family.

The family of Irias has come forward in her defence. Her sister-in-law said Irias was having a bad day, which had led to her confusion.

Nataly had apparently gone off to her aunt's house and had been all day without the faintest idea that her mother was looking for her.

Maria was slammed with two counts of child neglect without major bodily harm and for making a false police report. A judge set a $4000 bond for the errant mom held at the Palm Beach County jail.

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