Man Gets A Tattoo Of His Mother's Last Handwritten Note

Date February 12, 2018

Unfortunately, death is the only constant in life. And another sad fact is that as humans, we ought to deal with the loss of a loved one.

However, the death of a mother is perhaps one of the most difficult losses a human can ever experience.


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To maintain a positive attitude despite his mother's death, a young man decided to pay tribute to her in a special way. Thomas revealed on Twitter that he got himself a tattoo with a beautiful message.

In his post, Thomas said his mother wrote a note to him on the same day she died. However, due to a cardiac arrest she suffered, the words were not very clear. But to this devoted son, it was perfection.

He later shared another Twitter post where he expressed his love for his mother and the many things about her that he will always remember.

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The heartbreaking message inspired many people who expressed their sadness at his loss and shared their own emotional stories.

These people were basically strangers who offered nothing but words of support to help Thomas through this hard time.

For example, a Twitter user sent him a heartwarming message and a word of prayer.

Another response that caught our attention was a girl who went through something similar.

In short, Thomas is an example of strength and creativity. The way he paid tribute to his mother's last words will make him forever remember how great and beautiful her love was for him.

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