Why Dogs Follow Us To The Bathroom And The Meaning Of Other 4 Gestures That Many Do Not Understand

Date February 6, 2018 12:38

Dogs are generally touted to be a man's best friend and because of their nature, they've earned themselves the appellation of faithful friends and loyal companions amongst others.

As a matter of fact, some scientific research lends credence to the inbuilt endearing nature of dogs.

The love of a dog

To demonstrate their affection, they do quite a number of things, one of which is their tendency to accompany us everywhere. Even when we go to do our private business in the loo!

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While this might be uncomfortable, when we focus on the motive behind it, we discover that it's all a show of love towards us. Your furry friend is simply saying, 'Hey, I want to be with you at all time, including when you are doing your private thing'.

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To help you understand this a little further, in canine language, your visit to the bathroom is a sign that you are marking territory. This makes your dog feel the necessity to be with you in order to "help you" as well as "take care of you."

In the event that you cannot stand their presence with you in the restroom, you can distract them with toys while you do your thing.

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4 signs to indicate that your dog loves you

In addition to following you everywhere, there are other evidences of your pet's affection.

1. Licking your face or feet.

Although many people find this unpleasant, it's your furry friend's way of kissing you and expressing his fondness for you.

2. Bringing you his toys.

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This is a sign that he wants to play with you. Not only that, it shows that you are so important to him that he would not mind sharing his precious possessions with you.

3. Sitting next to you after eating.

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There's nothing more sacred than food to dogs (in reality, for any living being), so when your pet comes in search of you after eating, he's passing a subtle message of feeling totally relaxed in your presence.

4. He keeps you company during your dark moments.

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Incredible as it seems, dogs have a sixth sense to detect the emotions of their keepers. This comes in handy on those days when you are in low spirits and are in need of comfort. He will snuggle close to you and give you the much needed moral support.

Without a doubt, the canine species are both intelligent and amazing, so revel in the attention they constantly throw at you. And rather than being preoccupied with their sometimes bothersome habit of trailing you everywhere, show them unconditional love.

This will reassure them of your endless loyalty, and they will reward you with greater devotion to you.

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