Although It Looks Like A Sculpture, It Is Actually The Most Expensive Wedding Cake In The World

Date February 28, 2018

There’s no doubt, weddings are full of love and affection. But they are not only a special way to symbolize a union of two lives. They are also a great opportunity to be a little bit more creative in everything. The bride should look stunning, that's the main thing, but what about the cake? This element also has to be very special.

Brides in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, could find inspiration attending the traditional 'Bride's Week' at the World Trade Center. There, a famous baker, Debbie Wingham, made a truly over-the-top cake.

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This cake costs 1 million dollars and is made in the form of an Arabian bride.

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The incredible masterpiece is encrusted with five white diamonds that cost $200,000 each, edible pearls, and five thousand sugar flowers!

For a week, Wingham was working in the kitchen to get her creation ready. Before revealing it, she took to Instagram to share some of the details of the artwork that she was making.

The bride-cake dress consists of 50kg of fondant and 25kg of chocolate.

By the way, does the baker’s name sound familiar? Apart from baking, Wingham also designs clothes and shoes. In October 2017, she brought 15-million-dollar shoes to Dubai to show.

This cake looks like a sculpture and, judging by every detail it has, its cost is justified. Surely, not any bride can afford to have it at her wedding. Still, we wonder how it tastes like?

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