Girl Lost 150 Lbs, But Was Bullied By People On Social Media

Date March 23, 2018 18:04

It is usually really hard to maintain a good shape. You either doing sports professionally or have to devote yourself to regular exercises. Society trained us to consider fat as something ugly and shameful. Many of us strive to fit into standards of beauty at any cost just to be approved by other people. The same happened to Stephanie Cano.

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She tried to be loved like anyone else

Stephanie is now a 30-year-old woman who made it through some horrible pressure and bullying regarding her body. It all started when she lost 150 lbs. and wrote all the negative things people used to tell her on her stomach. The girl quickly became viral, and with such attention, she got all sorts of comments under her photos.

There were some people who encouraged and praised Stephanie, but others started accusing her of photoshopping her pictures. The girl says:

I got death threats, and people said I should go kill myself because I’m pathetic. They thought that I was a liar and a fraud when I was just trying to be loved and accepted like anyone else.

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Depression and crisis

After all the bullying she gained back 150 lbs. she had lost previously. She couldn’t handle the pressure and felt the need to shut down her Instagram account completely and sought help from a therapist. Although it was an almost unbearable experience for Stephanie, she is thankful it happened:

It made me a much stronger individual and a much stronger woman. In hindsight, it made me comfortable with who I am and regardless of what people think of me, what really matters is what I think of myself.

Sure. She gained weight. She also gained: Self love. Freedom. A love of delicious foods. An open mind. Sleep. A sense of self worth. Enjoyment in life. Peace with her body. Room in her mind for more important things. The time to relax. The knowledge of what and who she needs in her life. A sense of humor. HAPPINESS. (She also gained a clean mirror! ????) ???? Gaining doesn’t seem like such a bad thing after all! Remember: the fat on our bodies doesn’t define who we are! What matters is what WE get out of life and what we leave behind for others. Enjoy those fries, sleep in when you need to or if you miss a workout don’t stress... there is always tomorrow! I choose to live with moderation and not deprivation. I will never forget being out a bar with my best friends and everyone was drinking except me. Which is fine but I said no to the drink because of the calories and I had goals. You know what I remember from that night 5 years ago? That I said no to a drink because of the calories. I didn’t remember the fun we had. I don’t remember the games of pool we probably played. Or how many times we laughed. I was even sober. No. I remember feeling guilty for wanting to indulge. I remember feeling scared of becoming fat again. I remember feeling insecure that I was still “the fat girl” at the bar. Shitty, right? Now, I chose to LIVE in the moment and not think about the trivial things. Think I’m fat? Ok, cool. Think I’ve failed? No prob. Think I should stfu? No gonna happen. And also not my prob. I’m too busy having fun, eating food, working out because I like to and not because I “have” to and living life to the fullest. Other people’s opinions about us shouldn’t effect us they way they do. (Easier said than done, I know). At the end of the day their words do to us what we allow them to. I will no longer allowed them to hurt me. But this is YOUR life. So do with it whatever you want!!! I wanted to eat the French fries... so I did. And OMG they’re good! ???? Love you all! . . . . . . #mentalhealth #fatdoesntdefineyou #behappy #weightloss #weightgain #selfworth #happiness #mmmfrenchfries #fitfam #fitspo #igainedalotmorethanjustweight

Публикация от Stephanie Cano (@seabrook715)

She overcame the trauma.

Stephanie Cano reopened her account and made a post with her photos before and after, and explanation of what happened to her in these months.

Opening up in Instagram helped me open up in real life. Having the strength to do that in front of thousands of people I don’t know has given me the strength to do that with the people I do know. There’s a sense of freedom and peace when you can show the world who you are without fear of being ridiculed. I’m comfortable with myself.

It’s crazy to think that I wasn’t much happier at 185 from 340. It was like superficial happiness. Like “oh I have a ‘great’ body now so life will be easier and I’m getting attention.” Sure at 24 I thought that was happiness but oh was I wrong. I clearly did not learn everything I needed to so I started to gain weight; my journey was not over. Around the time my relationship with Kaycee became turbulent I started gaining weight. I went back into my old eating habits when I am upset or stressed. Fast food mostly. It was comforting again. But then I realized I was gaining weight I was too ashamed to admit it. I felt like I let myself down and let everyone else down. I tried to alter my photos to try make myself feel happy again. Thinking people will comment and say I looked good and maybe that would be the motivation I needed to succeed. Nope. That was a huge learning moment in my life. 1. Not all people are who they seem or portray. 2. Being dishonest will never bring happiness. Once I was, inappropriately, outed the flood gates of hate opened. After months of trying to deal with that I shut this account down for almost a year. On Jan. 20th, 2017 I decided no one gets to make me feel bad ever again, including myself. I came back, admitted my mistakes and moved forward. Sometimes it takes a period of time for reflection to figure out what changes need to be made. I needed to take time for me to heal and find myself again. I learned never to apologize for me and to just love and do the right thing every time. I have never been happier in my life and my relationship with my husband has never been better. I am human and will always make mistakes but it’s about not repeating the same mistakes. I know you have had hard times. But try to look at them as a positive. Because hard times are what allow us to grow and learn. Right? Don’t let a number or fat on your body limit your love for yourself. Errbody needs more LOVE! If you ever feel like you need to talk, vent or just need someone to listen I am always here. ♥️

Публикация от Stephanie Cano (@seabrook715)

Stephanie is now losing weight again, but this time it is purely for her health and the hope of having a healthy child with her husband. We think, the woman made the right decision and has the most beautiful perfect motivation. We wish Stephanie strength to fulfill her dream of having a baby.

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