They Were Abandoned In A Shelter And Wouldn’t Stop Hugging Until Adopted

Date May 24, 2018

When people want to express an overwhelming feeling, they usually hug. This is no exception in the animal world. Imagine an experience of a dog, which has been abandoned and then taken to a shelter full of strangers it can get very frightening and lonely.

However, these two abandoned dogs weren't alone when tough times came, as they had each other. After being given up to an animal shelter in Iowa, United States, they seem to have found comfort.

The workers of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa were pleasantly surprised to see CC and Chewbacca hugging without a break. They realized that these canines, abandoned by their owners, cuddled with each other to express support and affection.

The difference in size wasn’t a problem for them to embrace at all: Small CC lovingly lies on top of large Chewbacca, and both seem to thoroughly enjoy it.

CC and Chewbacca lived with a family for many years, but, unfortunately, a new child was allergic, so they had to go. That's how they ended up in the Iowa Animal Rescue League.

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Fortunately, they were allowed to stay together in the shelter and became inseparable. Jessica Jorgensen, a spokeswoman for the refuge, explained:

Every time I come to his kennel, CC is sitting on Chewy or lying on him or curled up against him.

This story had a happy ending because they both were adopted by the same family! Now they have a brand new life ahead of them.

Difficult times sure make us see our true friends, and these two inseparable ones are perfect examples! Had you ever seen a similar bond between animals? Tell us in the comments and do not forget to share with friends and family!

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