Dog Saved Owner From Rattlesnake But Wasn’t So Lucky Himself

Date July 9, 2018 12:02

Paula Godwin from Phoenix went for a walk with her two pets – dogs named Copper and Todd. The routine stroll was interrupted by the appearance of a reptile.

Paula was about to step on a snake, which could have turned fatal, but her brave Golden Retriever Todd came to the rescue jumping in front of her foot. However, in the attempt to defend his human, Todd got bitten himself.

Tom Reichner /

Godwin took her pet hero and immediately went to a vet clinic. It roughly took her 20 minutes and the antidote was administered just in time.

Todd's snout got deformed by swelling as can be seen in the photos Paula shared.

Luckily, the brave dog survived thanks to the antidote and Paula's care. The post with this story received more than 6,500 reactions on Facebook, and the woman hasn’t stopped thanking everyone who cared and showed support.

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The reptile was one of the deadliest snakes – the rattlesnake. Their bites can be fatal.

In will take time for Todd to recover completely, but fortunately he is very stable and getting better.

One of the best medicines has been, of course, Paula’s love and care. She doesn’t leave him for a moment.

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