Shocking Trend In China - Live Animals Sold As Keychains

Date June 22, 2018 12:17

These keychains and trinkets have been sold for years in China: small plastic bags with trapped live turtles, fish, salamanders, or frogs! Small animals are floating in a brightly colored liquid along with small plastic decorations, and can barely move.

The international news media, CNN, reported the case in 2011, and since then there hasn’t been any advancement in prohibiting this barbarity.

Beijing and many other metropolises in this Asian country offer tourists these keychains and accessories for approximately 1.50 dollars each.

Live turtle sealed into a pouch and sold as a keychain in China. Said to live approximately 1 - 3 months.

According to a seller of these keychains at an exit of a Beijing subway station, the bag contains oxygen and crystallized nutrients that allow the animals to survive for a short time.


He said the animals could live for days, but he also warned that they should be released from the bag as soon as they run out of air, or else they will suffocate.

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This type of souvenir has been condemned by animal rights activists and organizations, which have highlighted the lack of animal protection laws in China. In September 2009, China introduced a draft of the first comprehensive animal protection law, but there hasn’t been much progress since.

David Neale, the director of animal welfare for Animals Asia, said:

Lack of food and diminishing oxygen concentrations within both the water and the small amount of air in these plastic pouches will cause the animals to die in a relatively short period of time after the pouches are sealed.

If a national animal protection law was enacted in China, such acts of cruelty could be prevented, and those who persist in causing harm and suffering to animals within their care could be prosecuted.

People should also be aware of the possible risks to human health associated with close contact with animals, such as turtles. Turtles often carry salmonella bacteria that can cause serious illness.

Psychological stress these animals suffer is most commonly followed by their inevitable death, except for rare cases when they are released by their masters.

Would you buy one of these? Should the authorities intervene? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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