Neglectful Owner Left This Pitbull Tied To A Tree Unable To Move For Several Days

Date January 15, 2019 08:20

Regardless of breed, all dogs need to exercise, play, and coexist with humans and other animals. However, some people don’t understand what it is to respect animals, rather condemning them to suffering and treating them like objects.

Unfortunately, this happened to Max, a pit bull that was found in New Jersey, chained to a tree. He was tied so firmly he had no space or possibility to move at all. Moreover, the poor dog had no water or food and was sitting in his own waste day and night.

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One late September night, Kerry Haney, a volunteer at a rescue center, received several calls and messages alerting her of Max’s situation. In an interview for The Dodo, Kerry said:

I received six phone calls, a dozen or so text messages and hundreds of [Facebook] tags about a dog, padlocked to a tree in Swedesboro, starving to death. His head was padlocked in a position that he couldn’t move an inch. There was no food, no water and he was sitting in his own feces and urine. In my pajamas, I went out to the address that was sent to me to see if this dog was in fact out there and if there was any chance I could speak with the family to see if I could help.

In the middle of the night, Kerry went to the address but didn’t find the owner, so she called the Woolwich Township Police Department, who were already aware of the situation and solving the problem.

It was a bit painful only because we had to kind of sit in the dark for a few days while the police carefully did what they needed to do to pull the dog from the owner.

Luckily, police managed to take Max to Gloucester County Animal Shelter. While he was recovering there until October 6, his owner was found guilty of animal abuse and severely fined.

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Kerry’s shelter wanted custody of Max, but the municipal refuge wanted to keep him after Max was diagnosed with heartworms and failed some of the basic behavioral tests. However, Kerry’s organization soon received Max in their care.

Since then, Max lives in the shelter, Don't Bully Us Rescue, with Kerry looking after him:

Max is a puppy in a big boy's body. He clearly never got to play as a puppy, so he has all the [same] puppy energy and playfulness as a 16-week-old pup! He has no manners yet, but we are working on it.

Max’s behavior can be explained as a result of the long time spent in chains and inability to move. Now, Kerry is responsible for teaching him how wonderful it is to be a dog in a loving home, ready to be adopted by a family.

He's a goofy big pup. He loves to play … more than any dog I've ever seen. And if you are sitting on the floor or couch, don't think you'll have any personal space. He will be on you in the drop of a dime. He hangs with me in my office every day. He just chews on his bone while I work and he never barks at the mailman or kids passing by. He is an absolute pleasure to have!

Although his past was awful and lonely, with only a tree for company, Kerry has made sure that Max’s future is promising, and believes that the family that adopts him will bring him love, just as she has done since the rescue.

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