5 Things Dogs Can Predict, Including Pregnancy

Date May 31, 2018 13:27

Dogs, our best friends, are incredibly intuitive animals and seem to benefit from mysterious connection with the environment. They often behave in a strange way, and sometimes their unexplained behavior means that they are sensing something that we can’t. On the other hand, they can suffer from our stress, worries, and sadness.

There are many things that dogs can perceive and react to much sooner than people. Here are 5 of the most impressive:

1. Earthquakes

Since the times of ancient Greece, there have been tales of dogs escaping from cities before devastating earthquakes. In China, it is believed that dogs become anxious before seismic activity. Yet, there is no scientific explanation of this incredible perception, although some scientists believe that it has something to do with dogs’ much more developed hearing.

Other scientists claim that with their paws, dogs can sense even most distant movements of the plates. Anyway, dogs begin acting odd, and they usually either take shelter under something they know will protect them, or run to a safe place.

2. Storms

Just like with earthquakes, dogs can perceive something coming on the horizon. Storms create an electromagnetic field that dogs can feel beforehand. Our best friends use their super hearing to hear thunder from several miles away, as well as the sense of smell, which is 100 times better than human’s, to perceive changes is the air preceding a storm.

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3. Diseases, including cancer

Some diseases, such as cancer or diabetes, give off certain faint odors in humans. These smells are too subtle to be perceived by people, but they do not go unnoticed by the dogs’ incredible sense. If a dog starts obsessively sniffing an area of ​​your body, you should consider visiting a doctor.

4. Seizures

Some dogs are trained to warn about seizures. Not only do they warn their masters, they can also lie on top of them and summon help during a seizure. Although there is no explanation as to how dogs do it, hundreds of lives have been saved due to their instinct.

5. Pregnancy and labor

There are many stories of radical changes in dogs’ behavior on the very day their owner is going to give birth. Also, some dogs perceive pregnancies and start acting in a more protective and attentive way. It is considered that dogs are able to detect hormonal changes through smell.

Certainly, dogs must be little pawed guardian angels. Do you know any other examples of dogs’ "odd" behavior?

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