Man Saw An Anaconda Trying To Cross The Road And Stopped Traffic To Help It

Date May 2, 2019 12:26

Snakes are some of the most misunderstood animals in the world. These reptiles are not very popular with humans because many are afraid of them, and also because movies and television present them as ruthless killers.


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However, they are crucial for ecosystems, since they play a very important role in the environment. Hence, there are still people who understand that and are willing to help a snake when it needs it the most.


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This week, we found out the story of Italo Nascimento Fernandes, who put on his superhero cape and became the savior of an anaconda. He and his girlfriend were driving on a Brazilian highway when they noticed the animal trying to cross the road. Without thinking twice, he parked the car and began to signal to the other drivers to stop so that they don’t run over the gigantic reptile.

Fernandes used the opportunity and took out his cell phone to film the situation and then uploaded the video on social networks. Fortunately, many motorists stopped and the anaconda was able to reach the other side of the road unharmed. Upon crossing, the snake quickly disappeared into the vegetation and everyone was able to continue their journeys.

In an interview with The Dodo, Fernandes says:

It's not everyone who protects animals like that. Some people prefer to see them dead.

The solidarity of his fellow man made him very emotional, since it is not uncommon to see how serpents die on the roads.


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Biologist Flavio Terassini confirmed to G1 that the anaconda from the video is a young specimen and that it was risking its life to cross the road in order to find shelter or water. The expert estimates it at around 10 years old, approximately 10 feet long, and weighing nearly 66 pounds.


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Finally, he thanked Fernandes and all those who stopped to avoid hurting it, although he also reminded them to be careful when filming wild animals to avoid being attacked. No doubt, everyone involved deserves applause for their actions.