Thieves Returned The Stolen Puppy When They Found Out Its Little Owner Was Devastated

Date December 19, 2018

There are those who believe in Christmas miracles and ones who don’t. But this story is likely to restore anyone’s faith in humanity. We all think that criminals don’t care about the feelings of their victims, but this time burglars showed a lot of compassion for a little girl.

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The thieves entered the house of a family residing in Melbourne, Australia. They took valuables such as jewelry and electronics. However, what hurt the family most was that they also took their puppy Sasha, who was only 8 weeks old.

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Although the pup had only been with the family for a week, the 4-year-old daughter, little Maia, formed a very special bond with her and from day one they became inseparable. That's why, when Sasha was snatched away, little Maia was understandably distraught and her parents were terribly concerned about her well-being.

So, they started to appeal on a local news network; they begged the burglars to return the dog, indicating that the girl was awfully sad. The family's story later went national, and the most incredible thing is that his message must have reached the thieves and they seemed to have had a change of heart because of Maia's distress.











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One day, the mother got up early to prepare coffee and breakfast and she saw a shadow moving in the yard, and when she looked closely she recognized Sasha. She was overwhelmed with joy and relief. The father, Ryan Hood, said:

We think that whoever took her has either had a conscience or got scared and has dropped her over the fence. We don’t care to be honest, we’re just glad to have her back.

The family appreciated the thieves’ gesture, and little Maia was so happy that she kept playing with her puppy all day.

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