Abused Bear Was On The Verge Of Dying When He Was Saved To Meet The Love Of His Life

Date November 6, 2018 14:30

Unfortunately, some people, who must have been improperly brought up as a child, feel the power to imprison and torture other living beings for just being different. This story starts on an unpleasant note: a man kept a poor 2-month-old bear cub captive in deplorable conditions. However, after overcoming the terrible childhood, the young animal now has a completely different life.

Riku was only a few months old and chained to the wall of a windowless shed in an Albanian village when Four Paws Animal Rescue officers found him. The brown bear was clearly in trouble and had serious nutritional problems.

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He was immediately transported to the Dancing Bears Animal Rescue Park in Bulgaria for urgent rehabilitation. Riku did his best to adapt to his new habitat, but he couldn’t be introduced to older animals since he didn’t know how to behave in a bear community.

A year and a few months later, Riku was moved to his own home with a fence that separated him from other larger animals. However, he didn’t lose his faith in meeting other bears. With a little patience, he soon met Gabriela, a 3-pawed, 22-year-old bear who had been rescued from a Bulgarian circus earlier.

The spokesperson for Dancing Bears Animal Rescue Park, Jeta Lepaja, described the animals' introduction and tender friendship:

It can be very distressing for two bears to see each other for the first time, but Riku and Gabriela’s meeting was magical.

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Since they met, this couple hasn’t stopped playing with each other. The park workers even claim the animals relationship has blossomed into romance. Their chemistry is evident, and it seems that their complicated pasts have contributed to strengthening their bond.

Lepaja mentioned that she has attentively tracked the development of mutual feelings between these animals. For this reason, she described how animals' love affairs are similar to those between two people:

They never stopped touching or playing together, they have been totally inseparable. If one of them wanted to swim in the pond, the other one followed; if one of them started eating, the other did the same.

The bears will soon be moved together to a larger enclosure where they can have more opportunities for recreation and feel in a natural habitat. In addition, the assistance teams will be closer to them to provide all the support they need.

Love is a universal feeling which doesn’t bypass any living being on the planet. These two love-bears are loving spending time with one another and enjoying a new beautiful habitat together.

This story shows us that even the worst moments can turn into completely different, joyful, and happy circumstances.

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