Not Every Royal Photo Is Classy: Spontaneous Moment Where Lady Di Tries To Calm Down Little Prince Harry

Date June 7, 2018 11:05

Although both Princes Harry and William are true 'blue bloods' and lead a life full of strict norms and highest values, in their childhood, they were same as everybody: spontaneous, seeking attention, and mischievous at times.

Princess Diana was called the "people’s princess" for being so relatable, especially as she used to have tough time raising her children sometimes, as everybody does.

One of the moments captured on tape was when in the middle of an interview with the princess, she tried to calm her son down – little Harry, who kept distracting her. "Harry, shush," Princess Diana directed.

It happened while Diana Spencer tried to talk about serious issues, such as how she’d wanted her life to look if she hadn’t been the Princess of Wales. The princess lost her train of thought for a moment. Then, she asked Harry to sit down in an attempt to make the child behave.

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In this video, you can see Princess Diana in a situation, so typical for every mother:

However, it wasn’t the only time. There are other situations like this in the thousands of photos of the late princess. For example, a picture of 1988, in which restless Harry sticks his tongue demanding public attention.

The princess’ look says it all – it is a look of a mother scolding her child, prince or no prince.

The princes grew up into corresponding adults: William – more serious, and Harry – more cheerful and relaxed. Anyway, Diana would have been just as proud to see them now.

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