Michael Jackson's Doctor: "His Father Castrated Him To Preserve The Distinctive Voice"


December 19, 2018 16:23 By Fabiosa

After the death of Michael Jackson's father, the doctor of the famous performer, who was imprisoned due to the alleged guilt of singer’s death, decided to speak out and revealed some chilling details from the life of the “King of Pop.” 


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According to Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson confessed with tears welled up in his eyes that his father chemically castrated him when he was a child to avoid losing his distinctive voice. The doctor was the singer’s trusted friend for many years, and these statements weren’t taken out of anywhere.

Michael Jackson's Doctor: "His Father Castrated Him To Preserve The Distinctive Voice"gettyimages

Murray also stated the fact he was castrated chemically went beyond all words and pointed to Joe Jackson as one of the worst parents in history.

According to the doctor, Michael was given several hormones injections to stop the growth of his genitals. This made him suffer in an unimaginable way and left him traumatized throughout his life.

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On the Joe Jackson death, Murray had only one thing to say:

I wish he would find redemption in hell.

Unbelievably shocking details turned Michael’s legacy upside down. However, Conrad was a close person being always there for Michael. His words must not be ignored. In 2018, Murray released a memoir titled "This Is It!" which detailed his experience as Michael Jackson's personal physician.

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