She Lost Her Second Dad During The Filming: Melissa Gilbert Competed With 500 Girls To Play Laura In 'The Ingalls Family'

Date July 25, 2018

Undoubtedly, the legendary TV series of the 70s, Little House on the Prairie, or The Ingalls Family, can be considered one of the best television products. Since its first broadcast in 1974, the show was watched by entire families, who came together to enjoy the adventures of this lovely countryside family.











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If you have also enjoyed the series, you will surely remember the little girl with braids and freckles, Laura Ingalls, played by the actress Melissa Gilbert. Laura was the second daughter, and it is worth noting she was much more than just a member of the family.











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Laura Ingalls was actually an American novelist who wrote the books that, decades later, served as an inspiration to create the series.

The casting for the role for such an important character was challenging: Melissa had to compete with more than 500 girls, but she managed to surprise the casting directors and got the role.











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During the filming, in 1976, Melissa’s stepfather passed away and, from then on, according to the actress, she began to consider the actor who played her dad in the series, Michael Landon, as her true father. She was desperately looking for someone to be there for her at least on set, and she managed to find such a person:

I wanted him to be my substitute father. I loved that man and loved how safe I felt crying with him. Generally, I cried about what really happened to me when I was with him. And he was always there to provide his support.

Although the redhead girl is famous for her participation in the series, she has also managed to become a director and a producer on television, made a successful writing career, and even became a leading American politician. She is currently 54 years old. Melissa has two children and a well-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Even though her youth years are far behind, Melissa remains busy and maintains the immaculate appearance that was shaped during the broadcast of The Ingalls Family.


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