Evolution Of Meghan Markle's Style Before And After Engagement With Prince Harry

Date May 23, 2018

While it must be said that Meghan Markle was already famous before meeting Prince Harry, the truth is their relationship and official commitment forced the actress to implement some changes in her behavior, clothing, and even profession.

Today, we want to share 10 photos, which show how much the image of the Duchess of Sussex has changed with respect to her single years. Her evolution is obvious to everyone.

1. Adolescent, bright look.

In 2013, the Duchess was only getting the taste of fame when she was on the third season of her most famous series Suits where she played Rachel. At that time, she wore light clothes, in particular, short dresses showing a lot of her legs. Of course, the black color was always among her favorites.


2. Short tops, very trendy in 2014.

In 2014, the actress was already divorced but still young. So she indulged herself in wearing the most fashionable styles. For example, this one with a short top, showing a part of her abdomen, naturally combined with a long skirt.


3. Long skirts showing her legs.

In 2015, Meghan Markle was already among women whose looks influenced trends. She had a stage of wearing longer skirts, but they always had an opening that partly revealed her legs.


4. Short dresses with deep décolletage.

In the same 2015, the actress wore several styles. At the end of the year, she was much more provocative with her looks, which today surely does not make some of the British royalty happy. In this case, it was a silver-colored dress, which in addition to being short has a deep décolletage.


5. Elegant looks with open legs.

In 2016, the actress already began dating Prince Harry. She started wearing jackets, but always with a short bottom part, like this smart jacket and shorts.


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6. A rather sudden change.

Since the engagement of Meghan and Harry was announced, clearly, she began to change her style, adjusting to new realia. At the end of 2017, she started wearing long coats. On this occasion, she wore a piece of headwear, very typical of royalty.


7. Coats always tied at the waist.

Even though after her engagement with Harry she has never been seen wearing a short skirt or dress, she always tries to show the details of her toned figure. In this case, she was wearing a coat tied with a belt, and tight pants.


8. Jackets and long dresses.

Borrowing from Kate Middleton’s style a little, the Duchess of Sussex got used to long dresses, though not as low as her ankles, and jackets. She has never again been seen with deep necklines. She always wears a jacket or a coat. This look was one of the most admired by public.


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9. Her hairstyle changed as well.

Surely, everyone noticed that the Suits actress did not do anything special with her hair. Rather, it always showed a bit of carelessness. Now, she always wears long skirts, jackets, and smart hairstyles.


10. One step away from being a duchess.

Right before marrying Prince Harry, the current Duchess of Sussex wore her most humble gown. It was a black set of remarkable elegance. Also, she had her hair impeccably combed, with headwear worthy of royalty.


As you can see, there has been quite a change in Meghan Markle since she became engaged to Prince Harry. No wonder! The British royal family expected no less of her.

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