Hollywood Stars Fight Against Spot Baldness And Overcome It

Date May 22, 2018

Alopecia areata is a condition that causes abnormal hair loss. It mostly affects men, but in some cases, women suffer from it as well. The most common causes of spot baldness are a genetic predisposition (hereditary baldness), an abnormality in the immune system, and aging.

Hair loss is a topic of aesthetic concern among men. There are many people looking for solutions to recover their hair or preserve what has been left. Others, including celebrities such as Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson, accepted their baldness and made it their signature.


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Although alopecia is less frequent among women, many of them hide their struggle with hair loss and feel the world, or at least their careers, slipping away little by little with every hair that falls out.

If you are also worrying because of hair loss, here are 5 celebrities who have gone through the same thing and will teach you how to deal with spot baldness:

Keira Knightley

Throughout her long career, the English actress and model dyed her hair with almost all the colors of the spectrum, and there are not many existing hairstyles she hasn’t tried. One day she noticed that she was losing hair.

To mitigate the effects of her spot baldness, which was probably caused by mistreatment and excessive use of chemicals, Keira decided to let her hair rest. For 5 years she has used wigs and thus managed to recover her locks. It was not easy, but at least it wasn’t too late.

Kristin Davis

According to the co-star of the popular series Sex and the City, Kristin Davis has always had a very difficult hair to handle. The advantage was that stylists could do wonders with it.

With time, Kristin began to notice that it was not as dense as before but did not give much notice. Until one day, when she tried to comb her hair herself and felt the difference in her own hands.

She was not sure if her hair loss was brought by natural causes or by treatment. In the end, however, her stylist recommended her to switch to a popular brand of anti-baldness products, and managed to recover her precious hair.

Naomi Campbell

There were many times when this English supermodel consecutively switched between ironing and curling. As a result, in a very short time, she nearly approached total hair loss.

Fortunately, although she had already lost nearly all hair, Naomi reacted and became more careful with her hair treatment procedures.

Viola Davis

The famous and award-winning actress of theater, film, and television has experienced hair loss since she was only 28. You can imagine how hard it is to lose a lot of hair at that age, so it's not surprising that she started wearing wigs all the time.

Later, she discovered that her alopecia is caused by stress, so, ironically, the more she worried about her hair loss, the more she lost. Finally, she realized this and began to take her baldness easier. Now, she considers wearing wigs as option, not an obligation. 

Rosie O'Donnell


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In addition to being a clear example of age caused alopecia, this New York comedian shows how to live with it and accept it. In 2016 she shared a photo on Twitter, showing how she was losing hair.

Male pattern baldness... getting old is fun.

Now, at 56, the actress does not complain about her hair loss, she only conceals it with her hairstyles.

If these 5 superstars are not ashamed of talking about their baldness, why should you be? The important thing is to spot the cause in time and find a way to mitigate its aesthetic impact.

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