Princess Leonor Will Make History Becoming The First Queen Of Spain In Centuries

Date May 17, 2018 12:47

Royal families usually have some very strict regulations on succession. Although it is common to see a woman on the throne in Great Britain, in Spain things are a little bit complicated. And it seems it’s about to change. On his 50th birthday, King Felipe granted his daughter Princess Leonor the Order of the Golden Fleece. There have been only 1,200 recipients since this order was established in 1430. Now, it is known as the most prestigious and exclusive order of chivalry in the world.


Throughout history, very few women have had such privilege and this is the first Orden del Toisón de Oro granted by the current king during his reign. Despite being only a teenager of 12 years, Leonor has many responsibilities on her shoulders, as she is going to be the next heiress.

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Unless she has a male brother, which is unlikely, since the Royal couple has not expressed any desire to have another child, the princess would become the fourth queen in the history of Spain. However, her father prefers that she focuses on continuing with her studies at the moment, rather than her future institutional position.


So far, King Felipe and Queen Letizia have tried to leave behind the image of ruthless monarchs and are trying to add some modern vibes to it. They are known to be close to people, as well as to care about noble causes, a tradition that young Leonor will probably continue. Undoubtedly, the Order of the Golden Fleece has marked a crucial moment in the life of its young recipient.

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