While Her Husband Is Sentenced To Prison, Infanta Cristina Is Acquitted But Still Feels Frustrated


May 24, 2018 12:29 By Fabiosa

Cristina de Borbón y de Grecia, Infanta Cristina – a daughter of the former King of Spain, Juan Carlos, was cleared of the criminal charges against her, but she will have to pay more than $312,000 after the Nóos case for alleged misappropriation of public funds. On the other hand, her husband, Iñaki Urdangarin, was sentenced to 6 years and 3 months in prison, as well as 7 years and one month of special disqualification, and a fine of more than $607 thousand.

The court announced that the sentence on the Nóos case is delayed: it will not be ready until June.

Iñaki’s business partner, Diego Torres Pérez, was sentenced to 8 years in prison and a fine of more than 2 million dollars.

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Pilar H. Lucas tweeted:

Surely, they must know about separation of powers in Spain, and that justice is the same for everyone.

Spain is different, I think. It stinks.

This case was also known as Urdangarin case and resonated throughout Spain for involvement of the royal family members in embezzlement, fraud, document forgery, and money laundering.

After going through years of accusations, Infanta Cristina is "hurt, frustrated and depressed," according to statements from friends and family. In addition, two people close to her say that she is convinced that "the world is against her." 

Pat Garrett wrote on Tweeter

Oscar for Best Film: The Nóos Case

Best Production: Gürtel

Best Actress: Cristina Borbón

Best Actor: Francisco Correa

As if it wasn’t enough, it’s been pointed out that the situation in which she finds herself now is complicated by the luxuries she is used to:

She has grown up in a very different world from the one in which she has to live now. It is hard for her, but it is almost a matter of pride. If justice was impartial, Cristina Borbón would spend her depression in jail. Playing dumb and in love wouldn’t pay off. It is regrettable that there is one justice for the rich and another for the poor, that is, it is outrageous that there is no justice

For now, Infanta Cristina lives in Switzerland with her children, and among other things, she plans to pay regular visits to her husband in jail.

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