Cristiano Ronaldo In Hot Water This Time: A New Woman Is Accusing The Player Of Illicit Behavior

Date February 21, 2019

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Juventus of Turin player and, as everyone expected, he has become an idol in Italy in no time. However, not all is good in the life of Real Madrid's legendary goal scorer, because when it seemed that the rape allegations against him had been left behind, a new woman appeared to rekindle the controversy.


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CR7, as the Portuguese forward is also known, received a strong accusation in 2018 that jeopardized his impeccable reputation of more than 15 years of a football career. At that time, Kathryn Mayorga, a native of Las Vegas, Nevada, claimed that the athlete had abused her in a hotel in the city when Ronaldo was in the 2009 preseason with Manchester United.


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After a few months, things had calmed down and everything seemed to indicate that Mayorga's accusations could not be proven in the absence of sufficient evidence. However, a new woman has come to the public arena and has joined the complaints in order to give weight to the previously discussed allegations.


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Model Jasmine Lennard, originally from England, said she had evidence that the Juventus star threatened to dismember her body and throw it into a river if she gave information about his attack.

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Consequently, the captain of the Portugal national team is preparing for a new legal battle that seems to be far more complicated than the previous one, due to the risk of the alleged tests that can be used against him. No doubt, great fortune can help you a lot as you can hire the best lawyers in the world.


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On the alleged evidence of rape, the actress and model who participated in the reality show "Big Brother" said the following:

We have had a relationship for a decade and we have communicated for years, so I have messages and recordings of incalculable value. It does not matter how good of a soccer player you are if you are a stalker and you do not understand when a woman screams at you to stop. His life is a complete lie, I got tired of being an accomplice with my silence.


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The case was reported by German newspaper Der Spiegel and since then has unleashed the wrath of the player's fans who consider this to be a very low trick, the only aim of which is to gain financial benefit or simply a desperate attempt at fame.

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Ronaldo has denied Mayorga's accusations of rape on several occasions but has not yet made any kind of statement about the new case. Meanwhile, the English model declared that she had decided to speak out about the issue upon seeing the documentary Surviving R. Kelly, which inspired her. Also, she said in a series of tweets she would join Mayorga's team.


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In short, it is difficult to know if these allegations are true until conclusive evidence that can be verified in court is presented. Until this happens, we just wait to see what happens in this legal battle, one that is so dangerous for the player.

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