$20,000 Bag And A Diamond Necklace For The Birthday: The Luxurious Life Of Kylie Jenner's 1-Year-Old Daughter

Date April 12, 2019 12:26

It is completely fine when parents seek to satisfy all their kids’ whims to let them grow up healthy and happy. However, most of the moms and dads know the limit to these gifts.


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It seems someone forgot to tell Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott about this when they welcomed their daughter Stormi. The little girl has just turned one, and she has already received a bag worth $20,000 and a unique luxurious diamond necklace.

Stormi's parents stated that they want to raise their daughter to be as ordinary as possible. But on her first birthday celebration, they have presented the girl the diamond necklace along with other gifts from luxurious brands.

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Later, Kylie shared videos where you can see her daughter playing with an exorbitantly expensive bag and ostentatious necklace. Of course, users’ criticism wasn’t long in coming.


That purse probably is worth more than everything I own put together 😂


The bag probably more than our rent, combine


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Kylie mentioned that she had saved this bag for the day when Stormi asked her for it for the first time. Well, it seems that the little girl already feels the need to look stylish.

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It's completely fine for Jenner and Scott to make their daughter's happiness their priority, but Stormi is still too young to realize that she plays with thousands of dollars. She's definitely going to have very expensive tastes when she grows up.


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This is why there are plenty of reasons to doubt Kylie and Travis’ way of upbringing. In any case, we hope that all these luxuries will allow the little kid to grow a decent person so that she will eventually surprise everybody as a successful and happy youngster.

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