16 Beautiful Photos That Show How Much Lady Di Loved Her Children, William And Harry

Date November 16, 2018 13:21

Princess Diana was a great woman, an example of virtue and strength. Despite being one of the most universally respected and loved people, she had her fair share of hardships. But even then she smiled and showed everyone that no obstacle could break her spirit. One of the main sources of her strength was her love for her sons, William and Harry.

16 Beautiful Photos That Show How Much Lady Di Loved Her Children, William And Harrygettyimages

Diana was an excellent mother, who above all tried to raise her children as good people, and who never held back her affection for them. Both William and Harry are a lot like their mother and in some interviews have made it clear what a tremendous impact she had on them.

Last August, 31, was the 21st anniversary of the death of the People's Princess, but she keeps living in the hearts of her children as well as many people from around the globe. To remember the great love she had for William and Harry, today we want to share a series of their joint photographs.

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1. The most tender gaze in the world: when a mother looks at her children.

2. A mother who knew how to make studying fun. And there’s that mischievous spark in the eyes!

3. Arguably, the most adorable photo of Diana and her little boys.

4. Even combat training is fun with such a drill sergeant.

5. Teaching little William to ride a horse.

6. How can one not be happy in such meadows?

7. Is there a better place than on mom's lap?

8. Complete harmony between mother and child.

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9. The little princes grew up always surrounded by love and protection of their mother.

10. The first day Harry went to school: mother’s pride and joy.

11. Holidays with mom always meant fun and adventure.

12. When one day seems like an eternity.

13. William and Harry definitely got Diana's charming smile.

14. Education always went hand in hand with explanation.

15. Nothing would escape mother’s attention.

16. Diana took her children’s education under personal supervision.

As you can see, Diana loved her children more than anything in the world. She raised them to be smart, kind, and compassionate. Undoubtedly, Lady Di would be proud of the adults her little boys have become!

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