2 Days After David Beckham's Hurtful Interview, Victoria Checked In At A Wellness Retreat

Date November 21, 2018

Just a few days ago, on the Australian TV program The Sunday Project, David Beckham chose to wash his dirty linen in public, sharing his experience of being married to Victoria for almost two decades:

To have been married for the amount of time that we have, you know, it's always hard work. It becomes a little more complicated.


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Naturally, these controversial statements didn’t make his marriage "less complicated," as it was reported that the former Spice Girl had an emotional crisis shortly after the bombshell of an interview. Following the confessions of her husband, Victoria Beckham decided to take a few days off. For this, she chose a luxurious wellness retreat in Germany.


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This is Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, a place where a suite package can reach a whopping $22,000. According to its official website, the services they offer include stress management, detox, fitness, and beauty treatments.


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According to sources close to Victoria, she didn’t need any weight loss or detox. The only reason for her booking in was her husband's hurtful statements.

She has no idea why he would say such insensitive things and publicly embarrass her like this. She was in pieces, and spent the next two days crying. To say it's not been the best of weeks is an understatement.


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Even though divorce rumors have never been louder than in recent months, the singer and fashion icon claimed that she was used to hearing such nonsense all the time, and there is no more truth to it now than any time before.

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So far the couple has not officially addressed the alleged marital crisis. But if they do have problems, let’s hope they will work them out as they always have.

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