Miss World Candidate Rumored To Have Received Thousands Of Dollars From Spanish Secret Service To Keep Quiet About Her Affair With King Juan Carlos

Date August 10, 2018 14:27

It was the year of 1975, when Juan Carlos, the newly appointed King of Spain at that time, met Bárbara Rey, a bodacious blonde who represented Spain in Miss World contest of 1971. According to the journalist Ana Romero,

Bárbara was his lover until 1980. Their relationship was interrupted until 1989 by the marriage to Ángel Cristo, a circus performer, and her double motherhood

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Nine years later, Juan Carlos took advantage of Bárbara’s separation with her husband to restart the romance that would last four more years, after which the king left her with no explanation.

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In her exposing book “End Game,” Ana Romero wrote:

She was not happy. Things got complicated. Bárbara was paid by secret service agents for her silence.

Ana Romero also claimed that the 1971 Miss World candidate received a payment of more than 288 thousand dollars for not revealing the information about her love affair with the king, in addition to receiving monthly payments of about $28,000 from 1997 to 2002.

When this information came to light, the scandal was inevitable as the taxpayers started wondering if it was their money that the king used to silence Bárbara for so many years.

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