5 Sweet Moments Showing Enrique Iglesias Is A Great First-Time Dad For His Adorable Twins

Date January 18, 2019

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova welcomed their twins in January this year. Since then, the couple has remained very secretive about their beloved cuties for good reason. However, even with so little they allow us to see, we can confidently award Enrique for being the best first-time dad of the year. Still have doubts? Don’t miss out on these adorable moments with the celebrity’s twins.

1. Watching favorite sport with them


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Even though Kournikova as a former tennis player is considered to be the sports part of the family, Enrique has been responsible for instilling his favorite, football, into the little ones since the early months.

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Regardless of being able to have only one of them watching, he knows that he must make the most of the moment before Anna decides to switch to a tennis match. However, when the two babies are alone at home with him, there is no way to distract the twins from watching football.

2. Getting the most out of the pool


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Today, many families can boast a luxurious pool at home but hardly ever use it. Well, Enrique knows very well why he bought a huge mansion. For this reason, he shares precious moments with his twins in their huge outdoor pool.

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3. Knowing how to make them laugh


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Anna and Enrique have been together since 2001. Since then, it's never been confirmed whether or not they are married, but that matters little thanks to the great love they share. According to the former model and tennis player, one of the things that attracted her to Enrique was his sense of humor. It also seems very helpful when it comes to pulling smiles on the kid’s faces.

4. Mastering the one-handed baby hold


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Being practical and precise is essential when you have two babies of the same age. Changing diapers, preparing bottles, and getting them to sleep are some of the countless responsibilities a parent must handle. For all this and much more, it seems that Enrique's ability to carry his children with one hand is very convenient.

5. Putting the kids to sleep like a pro


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Nobody wants to spend countless sleepless nights because of the children’s crying. Therefore, the soothing voice of the Spanish singer is the best way to put babies to sleep without any problems.

All in all, Enrique still has much to learn as a father, but no one has the slightest doubt that the celebrity has been able to adapt wonderfully to his new role. He has pretty much everything to be the best dad in the world for his cuties.

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