Mess Inside The Spanish Royal Family Gets Even Louder After Another Breaking News About Letizia's Possible Pregnancy

Date July 12, 2018 15:57

The Spanish royal couple doesn’t stop appearing in the headlines of the latest media news. For several months, the magazines have been making the monarchs of Spain their favorite topic. Although the center for the controversy inside the family has always been focused on the heated disagreement between Queen Letizia and her mother-in-law Queen Emerita Sofia, it seems the mass media will never get bored commenting on the bad relationship in Zarzuela Palace. Nothing is considered to be improved, and the situation has only been deteriorating as time passes.

Throughout all these months, the rumors of a possible split and subsequent divorce have been discussed more than ever. Although the royals tried to project an image of harmony and happiness, the truth is the public will always notice when something is wrong. However, another important news seems to shadow all the mishaps inside the Spanish royal family.

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Queen Letizia is reportedly pregnant again at the age of 45 years. Even though the loud news took the Internet by the storm in the recent time, there has been no indication or confirmation on the part of the royal family.

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If the queen’s pregnancy were true, many would see it as a way to silence the rumors about a possible divorce, as the royals would finally stop pretending to be a perfect family. On the other hand, many would consider that a baby is not the solution to the problem, because, as we already know, no kid can reunite a broken marriage, even if it concerns the royals.


As for the queen’s image, there seems to be no sign of future motherhood, as her dressing style remains usual: Various outfits fit her slender body. In fact, during her last engagements, Letizia presented herself with rather tight garments, which would not reveal a possible pregnancy by any means.


Curiously, if it turned out to be true, Queen Letizia would repeat her mother-in-law’s story, who had babies Elena and Cristina and many years after that became pregnant by today's King Felipe. Unfortunately, everything we are left with is only waiting to know more.

Source: El Confidencial, Telecinco

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