Paparazzi Captured Queen Letizia Without Make-Up: The Photograph Reveals The Royal's Natural Beauty

Date August 1, 2018

Makeup is one of the main elements of the female conquering toolkit. It is difficult to find an adult woman who feels completely comfortable with her natural face, without the help of at least some basic products such as powder, mascara or lipstick. That is why when a famous personality is seen without makeup on the face, it causes immediate hype among the public. Everybody is intrigued to know how a celebrity looks like in reality. This time, it was Queen Letizia’s turn.

Social networks exploded with the publication of a few photographs where the royal was captured without makeup and even a bit disheveled. Everything seemed to indicate Letizia was coming to take her daughters to school when she ran into the fortunate paparazzi who didn’t miss the opportunity to make the moment of their life.

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Letizia has always shown herself in front of cameras with a neat appearance, and in perfect condition, so many would think her natural face should generate certain complexes. However, to the surprise of many, the queen looks quite young and attractive even without the help of cosmetic products.

In fact, the whole world was shocked by the appearance of her face so much that the image ended up becoming super viral. The Spanish press had to recognize the innate beauty of the royal, although many expected the queen to look much more different from her regular appearance.

Several social networks users did not take long to react and expressed the impression the snapshot made on them. According to the comments, the queen resembles Caitlyn Jenner, making the picture that, perhaps, will never disappear once you imagine it.

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There is no doubt the Queen looks impeccable at 45, so many congratulated her for daring to go out in public without any makeup. However, others highlighted the multiple treatments to which the monarch is subjected. Experts claim Letizia doesn’t stop injecting Botox and hyaluronic acid.


In fact, a well-known Madrid aesthetic doctor issued his impressions about the controversial photography of queen Letizia and admitted there was nothing to admire in her because the thing the royal lacked on her face was naturalness:

This photo does not seem impressive to me. It is clear, however, she is often pricked, and she has operated both nose and chin. Moreover, I also believe a mini lifting has highlighted the image we observe now.


However, the expert also admits the Queen looks much more attractive than before, although her beauty comes from the hands of specialists in the field of aesthetic interventions.

I am in favor of my patients continuing to recognize themselves after the surgeries. Letizia and the doctor who works with her follow the canons of perfection and mathematical beauty – the golden ratio. I prefer faces with personality. Fresh, hydrated, luminous but without losing their features.


In any case, there is no doubt the Spanish queen cares about her appearance greatly. Therefore, she tries to keep it in perfect condition even when it doesn’t have the support from the professional makeup.

Source: TV Notas, El Mundo

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