Older Than "Rambo": Stallone Has Two 44-Year-Old Turtles That Appeared In The First "Rocky"

Date June 7, 2018

Everybody who closely knows Sylvester Stallone, a famous Hollywood actor, say that Sly, as they affectionately call him, is a man who has changed very little despite all the money and fame.

The incredible success of Rocky, followed by the monumental Rambo, did not make Stallone stop loving two little, very special to him creatures: Cuff and Link.

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They are two turtles that Stallone has had since filming the first Rocky in 1976. His pets are at least 44 years old and still bring joy to their attentive master - Mr. Stallone. The turtles are famous too, as they appeared in some scenes of the movie, including those in which Rocky courts Adrian who worked at a pet shop.

Now, on the set of Creed 2, a sequel to the Rocky saga, the turtles are still there, being faithful companions to Sylvester Stallone for almost 5 decades. If they created an Oscar category for the best turtle, there would be a tough competition between these two.

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