On Her Birthday, Father Traumatized 13-Year-Old By Forcing Her To Chop Off Her Hair As A Punishment

Date July 6, 2018 18:03

Sometimes, parents have to make difficult decisions, such as to punish their children for a greater good, as they think. And the idea of ​​punishment is not yet obsolete, as behavioral psychologists continue to emphasize its significance.

But in this case, it was out of proportion...

Kelsey was very excited before her 13th birthday.

Christin Johnson, her mother, wanted this day to be memorable, so she took her teenage daughter to a salon for her first highlights – a special event in any girl’s life.

Kelsey had a great time with her mom and utterly enjoyed her new look.

After this, Christin dropped Kelsey off at her father, who lives with a new wife – Kelsey's stepmother. The girl wanted to spend her birthday with her father, too.

The girl isn’t likely to ever forget what followed. And it wasn’t fun.

When Kelsey was brought back to Christin, she was shocked to discover that her hair was almost completely cut off!

Kelsey barely had any hair left, and between sobs, she told her mother that her father had forced her to cut all her hair under the premise that “actions have consequences” (A bit overdramatic, don’t you think?).

Christin Johnson, as a way of standing by her daughter, posted this story on Facebook backed up by photos.

The internet community was unanimous in supporting the girl, and so was the police.

This publication went viral, and in a couple of days, it has been shared more than 24,000 times.

Many people offered help, such as a wig so that the girl would feel better growing it back.

The matter became so famous that according to Fox News, the local police launched an investigation in cooperation with Wood County Children's Services of a potential instance of child abuse.

If this was her father’s way of punishing her for a slight change of look, what’s next?

Although there was no physical violence per se, it could have had consequences for Kelsey’s psychological health. Facebook users flooded Christin’s post with messages of support, most of which emphasized that she still looks beautiful.

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