Everyone Thinks He's Her Father, But She Has No Issue Marrying A Man 33 Years Older Than Her

Date April 9, 2019 15:39

If you haven’t heard the famous Spanish song by José José, 40 and 20, it is high time to have a good listen. Even though the track sounds mesmerizing, it has always been controversial for its meaning. This song is still a reference for those couples who love each other despite the age difference. However, if only José José had known about the heroes of today’s story, he would have named the song a bit differently, particularly 53 and 20.

Isabella Sainz was 20 years old when she got engaged to Joseph Conner, a man three decades older than her. Despite the criticism and astonished people who assumed he is her father, this girl hasn’t stopped loving her future 53-year-old husband.

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Nowadays, Isabella and Joseph have two children, and their love story is very touching. She fell in love with this retired policeman when they worked together in a lacrosse club. They had only been dating for a month when Isabella got pregnant.

The Miami couple is currently planning their wedding. They started dating in December 2016. A month later, Isabella learned she was pregnant, and five months after giving birth in August 2017, Isabella became pregnant again.

Now, they are raising two beautiful daughters: Autumn, 15 months, and Wynter, 6 weeks.

Joseph, who is now a lacrosse coach at a high school, is also the father of four other children from his previous relationships: José, 34, Jason, 24, Justin, 21, and daughter Jacqueline, 23.

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The pace with which the couple has been developing things may seem a bit hasty for some, but this didn’t stop Joseph from proposing to Isabella shortly after welcoming their second child. The 53-year-old man presented Isabella a diamond ring during a walk on the beach.

Never-ending criticism

Isabella admitted that her friends and family members didn’t immediately support her relationship with a man 33 years her senior, but her boyfriend insisted that, for him, age wasn’t a problem in his feelings.

Isabella has her own YouTube channel where she shares the latest news about her relationship with Joseph. In one of her more recent videos, she gave a great tolerance lesson by saying:

We definitely get looks when we are out in public together. Strangers will say to Joseph: ‘Are you her dad?’ Sometimes we correct them, and they go quiet, other times we’ll joke it off and pretend that I am his daughter. Everyone has their own opinions; you must do what makes you happy, life is very short. Everybody has their own opinions but life is extremely short, and you should do what makes you happy.

In short, there should be no obstacles when it comes to true feelings in honest relationships. Nobody should be afraid of the age standards established by society. In fact, Isabella and Joseph’s story is a great example for this, similar to the story of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, who also have a big age difference but still enjoy each other as in a fairy tale.

What about you? Do you think it is fine to date a man who looks like your father? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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