Two Miles And Two Streams To Cross Is An Ordinary Road To School For The 6-Year-Old Argentinian Boy

Date July 16, 2018 15:35

Axel Yamil Antúnez, a boy of only six years of age, must cross two streams and walk almost 2 miles across the Argentinian plain to get to his school, located in Picada Verde.

However, Axel is not the only poor kid to deal with such daily obstacles: there are 79 more students, distributed among the classrooms from the elementary and secondary schools, and the vast majority live in the surrounding rural areas. There are so many other children making daily efforts just for attending school.

A teacher, Antonio Espíndola, shared the heart-melting photo taken in the cold morning at the request of another teacher Noelia Bairros, hoping the image would impact the current state of the events! Fortunately, it actually did!

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Their freezing mornings are filled with a determined mission. Even though it may be challenging to cover such long distances, the pupils didn’t mind walking miles through the chilling countryside. Their dedication to perceive new knowledge should be respected, and hopefully, heard at least by the local authorities.

The 28-year-old Noelia has been teaching at school #196 for three years, but that June 18 was marked with a peculiar event since both Axel and his entire community became popular around the world. The news reached even The Ministry of Education of Argentina, and the authorities received a heartbreaking message from the school, paying their attention to the disturbing condition:

Axel is six years old, and he is a student of the School №196 of Picada Caa Guazú.  He walks almost 2 miles a day, passes two streams just to attend the classes. This little hero teaches us when there is a desire to study and get ahead, there is nothing that can stop you.

The image was deleted from the official account due to the wave of criticism, blaming the authorities of the current situation existing in the field of economy and education. People were shocked why such little children as Axel have to pass overwhelming distances to attend the classes.

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Teacher Noelia praised her students for the efforts they make each day to go to school:

That day there was perfect attendance, everyone came. I feel this more than just school classes. I like the challenge of working in this area as I can witness such little heroes as this boy. One does not walk all those miles under the frost unless he finds pure containment and love in the school.

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While some people complain that those, who share such photos, don’t do anything to help, it is clear the teachers in rural communities are an example of the sincere dedication. They decided to move to these areas and pass on their knowledge to these children, motivating them to go forward and improve themselves. Hopefully, the authorities will change their mind and improve the situation in the poor rural area.

Source: Antonio M. Espindola / Facebook, Infobae, La Voz, Perfil

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