Controversial Affairs: 39-Year-Old Mother Is About To Marry Her Teenage Son's Best Friend

Date May 13, 2019 17:31

True love doesn’t care about forms or skin color; it doesn’t focus on measures or limitations; it appears between two people who feel affection for one another and accept themselves as they are. Today, we want to present you one of the clearest yet most controversial examples of love without prejudice.

A teenager from Kentucky, USA, claims he is deeply in love with the mother of his best friend and says he can't wait to marry her. The couple has just over a two-decade age gap. Is there anything more oddly beautiful than that?

Chase Gabbard, 18, met Jaimee Brown, 39, when he was just a small 11-year-old boy. From then on, he became the best friend of her son Jaice. Apart from him, Jaimee has two other children. She had occasionally seen Chase until, eventually, they started jogging together in 2013. This became a great way for the boy to help her lose weight.

After a year of joint exercise together, Jaimee lost about 100 lb. However, only when Chase turned 18, did he realize he was extremely attracted to his friend's mom.

A kiss that changed everything

Chase took a chance to steal Jaimee's kiss, and that changed everything. Although amazed by the age difference of 21 years, they began to live only to discover that they had many more things in common than they initially thought.

Contrary to what many might believe, Jaimee’s son doesn’t have any issues with the relationship of his mom and his best friend. He feels so comfortable with them that they even have double dates. That is another side of how sincere love can be when your son forgets any prejudice to grant you happiness.

Although it may seem taboo at first, we must remember that it isn't the first time someone falls in love with a much younger partner. In public cases, couples don’t even hide their affairs. That is what happened to the president of France, Emmanuel Macron and his current wife Brigitte Trogneux, who is 25 years older than him.

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These couples are real proof that love breaks any kind of barrier when it is sincere!