Private School Expels A 5-Year-Old Girl Just For Having Diabetes

Date March 28, 2019

Parents always find it very unfortunate when their child is excluded from school because of a specific condition, be it religion, race, illness, etc.

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This is exactly what has recently happened to a family in Minnesota. The little girl has been expelled from the private school that she had been attending for 2 years for her problems with diabetes.

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5-year-old Kiley Eliason was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a few years ago and is forced to live with a pump that should be changed every 72 hours.


The girl can suffer from attacks due to low or high sugar levels. Despite this, Kiley had been attending school until now.

Her mother, Emma Garvey, reported that the New Life Academy school team, a Christian school that the girl had been a part of for some years, notified that Kiley should change schools.

They were informed with only two weeks notice, despite the mother’s pleas to allow Kiley to finish the school year.

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New Life Academy said they were no longer able to meet Kiley’s needs because they didn’t have the necessary skills for it. According to the school staff, the girl’s medical situation has worsened, and they don’t have the resources to accommodate her well-being.

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What worries Emma the most is that she finds it very difficult to find a new educational center where they can understand Kiley's situation and also collaborate with the family in the necessary care that the 5-year-old requires because of her diabetes.

Now, Kiley, who has been already deprived of a lot of things because of her illness, should say goodbye to her friends, teachers, and the beloved school nurse.

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Based on their experience, Emma wants to be the voice of the people who are discriminated against for a certain condition or simply because they are different.

She calls for more awareness and empathy for this type of case. Everyone can help to create a more sincere and healthy world. You just have to walk in others’ shoes!

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