"I'm Pregnant": A Prank She Tried To Pull On Her Boyfriend Backfired

Date January 11, 2019

I'm pregnant.

– she told her boyfriend and she did not expect his reaction. The video of the conversation went instantly viral.

Whealth by Slaiman / YouTube

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There should be a place for a bit of humor in every relationship, and this couple has decided to record practical jokes they pull on each other and share them with their YouTube followers. So, she started this video by confessing that lately, her boyfriend had gone too far with his pranks, and a harsh retaliation was fully warranted. However, it went horribly wrong.

Whealth by Slaiman / YouTube

She pretended to have a heated conversation with her mother on the phone. The boyfriend got in the car just in time to overhear a bit of the conversation just enough to bait him, but not enough to know what was wrong. When he tried to talk to the upset girl and asked if she was fine, she blurted out that she was pregnant with his child and her mother was very upset.

All the time, she made it seem that the real problem was her mom's attitude, while the young man took his time processing the whopping news. He didn’t take it very well, though, and started accusing her of cheating on him. The girl knew that he wouldn’t feel great about having a baby, but his attitude went far beyond her expectations.

Whealth by Slaiman / YouTube

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He demanded to know if she’d cheated on him or if it was all a joke. When the girl tried to stick to her story and insisted that she wouldn’t ever joke about that, he concluded that she’d cheated on him. The girl couldn’t understand why it had to be either or until her boyfriend finally made a confession of his own.

If she was pregnant, it must have been another man’s child because he was infertile! This confession left the girl speechless, as apparently, it was the worst way to find out something like that.

Here is the full video.

Seeing how devastated her boyfriend was after having to tell her that, she admitted that her pregnancy was, in fact, a prank, although it didn’t seem to matter anymore. But there was another twist!

Whealth by Slaiman / YouTube

It turns out that while pulling a prank, she fell into one herself. At the end of the video, the young man tells that he had no fertility problems whatsoever and he could see right through her little tricks!

What do you think about this kind of pranks? Are they okay between sweethearts or not?

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