It Took A Serious Accident For The Girl’s Family To Accept Her Secret Boyfriend

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January 18, 2019 13:00 By Fabiosa

There may be various reasons to keep a relationship a secret. And not all of them involve infidelity. However, sometimes it takes a tragedy for us to realize what truly matters.


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Ellie Skromme, an 18-year-old girl from California, kept her relationship with Brady from her parents due to the four-year age gap. Unfortunately, in September 2017 a serious car accident on her way to work after school left Ellie paralyzed.

Her boyfriend learned about the accident from his colleague when returning home. The girl remembers how tough it was for her to not know what would happen with her life and to fear that her parents would find out about her secret relationship with Brady. As soon as he heard the news, he jumped in his car and went to the hospital, where he remained with her throughout the ordeal.

The couple started dating in 2016, but her father didn’t approve of their age gap. Despite this, they stayed together:

When you find your soulmate there's not much you can do, so we dated in secret.


However, an accident of this magnitude had everyone was concerned about her health – her multiple fractures included that of the collarbone, shoulder blade, T-10 vertebra, and ribs, and she also suffered a collapsed lung.

Due to these horrible injuries, Ellie's back was fixed with two metal rods and some screws, but the damage to her spinal cord was irreversible, so she was paralyzed from the T-8 vertebra down.

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In an interview for The Sun, Ellie talked about her injuries and it didn’t look good at all at the time:

Not only did I lose my ability to walk and feel my legs, I lost the ability to use the bathroom like a normal human, and I lost basically all my independence.

Without a doubt, this whole situation turned the life of this beautiful girl and her family upside down. However, no one expected that Brady would stay with her through such a difficult time. So, finally, Ellie's family accepted the young man.


For the moment, Ellie still works hard on her rehabilitation with the hope that one day she will walk again. In fact, now the prognosis is not so pessimistic since a few weeks ago the girl was able to move her toes a bit.

We salute the young man’s commitment to his girlfriend, even though her family had turned him down. We hope their relationship will continue to flourish and that Ellie regains her mobility as soon as possible.

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