Mother Accidentally Donated A Mug With Her Son’s $6,500 Stashed Inside

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February 6, 2019 12:24 By Fabiosa

While decluttering her house, a USA mum gave away her son’s childhood mug. Later, it turned out her son had kept a lot of money in it.

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Lindsey Preiss, a native of Georgia, is desperately looking for a way to return at least some of her son’s $6,500 hidden in the Mickey Mouse coffee mug.

The mother didn’t run her plans of tidying up the place by her son. Local media decided to help the devastated woman and took her interview to spread the word.

[I feel] like the worst mom in the world. I mean, I feel terrible.

After selling his car, Devon Silvey didn’t want to drive around with that much cash on him, so he dropped by his mother’s place to get a few boxes for his new apartment and stashed the money in a yellow traveler mug. This is how the boy described the moment he realized what was happening:

She thought I was upset about the mug being gone, which, I miss the mug as well, but what was inside was a little more important.

Preiss unwittingly placed her son’s savings in a Goodwill bin. Goodwill is a US nonprofit organization that provides job training, job placement services, and other programs for people who have barriers preventing them from getting a job.

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After realizing her mistake, the family contacted the charity store. The managers spent hours searching for their whereabouts of the mug and claimed that it must have been put on the shelf and sold.

In her interview, the woman appealed to the heart of the person who had purchased the container and offered a reward:

We would be very, very thankful if you brought it back. I'm just asking someone to please have it in your heart to do the right thing and give it back.

We hope that this family gets their money back. After all, there have been similar stories that ended well for the new money owners. You may remember how a homeless man found $10,000 and returned it to the owner. A yet another story describes the fate of a staggering $17,000.

Importance of family communication

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of communication among family members. By sharing your experiences, thoughts, and plans, you include your close ones in your life and build trusting relationships.

In short, in order not to end up in a similar situation, talk to your loved ones more often!

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