Utter Barbarity! A Romanian Wedding Between A Girl, 8, And Boy, 10, Triggers Massive Outrage On The Web

Date December 4, 2018 10:12

For a girl, child marriage means being separated from her loved ones and transferred to her husband as property. Just like that, a child is expected to become an adult and start taking care of the household and raising children instead of playing and studying.

However, in the 21st century, it is shockingly real. Child marriage is still practiced in many parts of the world.

Gypsy wedding in Romania sparks outrage: two kids under 10 get married

A ceremony in Dolj County, Romania, has caused indignation on social networks, as it was a wedding between an 8-year-old girl and a boy aged only 10.

A video shows a gypsy community celebrating the union of two minors according to their customs. You can see the bride shyly smiling in her bright pink dress with her hair curled.

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The groom was dancing to the traditional music among his friends. The singer addressed the groom with the following words:

Leave the toys aside, today you've married your bride.

Then, they put the bride on a stool for all to admire her dress.

After the video was posted on social networks, it was met with massive indignation, disapproval, and even insults. Still, some users insisted that it was not a wedding as such, but rather an engagement ceremony between two families. It is consummated years later when they are older.​​​

Child marriage: cruel reality

Child marriage is the formal or informal marriage of a child under 18, usually to someone older.

Brides are often forced to leave school and, being girls, are more likely to suffer domestic violence. Moreover, they are at high risk of dying from complications of pregnancy and childbirth.


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In addition, Western culture perceives that forced marriage violates a child’s right to education, safety, and healthcare. It is a form of discrimination and a blatant violation of human rights. Although child marriage is frowned upon and even punished in most of the world, unfortunately, it is still practiced.

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Child marriage occurs mostly in developing countries, particularly in Africa and Southern Asia. India has the most child brides in the world (more than 10 million), followed by Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Brazil.


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The World Policy Analysis Center reports that in 88% of countries, 18 is the minimum age for marriage, but marrying a younger person is allowed with parental consent.

Latin America is no exception

Nearly 1 in 4 girls in Latin America marries before reaching 18, and most often it occurs in countries such as the Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Mexico, as well as Central American countries such as Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala.


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According to demographic and health surveys, informal early marriages are more common than early formalized unions in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Nothing fights this injustice better than education and active involvement of the public. Let's help educate all children to prevent this barbarity from happening in the future.

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