71-Year-Old Bus Driver Takes His Sick Wife To Work Because He Has No One To Leave Her With

Date November 22, 2018

Mario Núñez, a 71-year-old Chilean, drives a minibus for a living. Every day, his 65-year-old wife Fresia Farías accompanies him during his working day. Unfortunately, the reason for her staying with him is quite sad – she has Alzheimer's disease and can’t stay at home by herself.

The harsh reality for an elderly couple

Even though the two should enjoy their old age at home, surrounded by their family, both Mario and Fresia get up at 5:30 in the morning to get ready for a long work day. Of course, Mario would like to leave his wife in the comfort of their home, resting, but because of the family’s financial situation, he has no way to pay for the services of a nurse, let alone a caring establishment. That is why he must take her with him every day. The couple spends more than 10 hours traveling along the bus route.

Mario and Fresia have been together for 28 years. Although they aren’t legally married, he treats her as his wife.

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They have never had children together, but she had four children from her first relationship. Unfortunately, none of them are able to take care of her or cover the expenses necessary for medical treatment.

When asked about the effort he takes to look after her, and why he doesn’t take her to a hospital, Mario gives a touching answer in an interview for the Chilean newspaper El Día:

My ability to take care of her isn’t the best because I'm too old. However, I don’t want to get rid of my lady because I love her very much. I was born from a woman, and that's why I respect them. They give us life, they take care of us as babies until we become independent people, so how could I not love them? It isn’t an obligation – it is an inborn feeling.

Mario is grateful to a passenger who captured the video. His sad story immediately went viral and helped him to improve their situation. Before being publicly known, Mario had requested the support from numerous institutions, including the National Service for the Elderly, as well as National Service for Women and Gender Equity, but none have yet responded to his pleas.

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After his story went viral, the Las Rosas Foundation contacted the family to offer Fresia a place in an appropriate establishment, to which she finally moved at the beginning of November. In addition, Mario received donations that helped him pay for his wife’s treatment. He is unbelievably grateful to all the people who weren’t indifferent to his story.

Such experiences renew our faith in humanity and show that social networks can be very beneficial when used for positive actions.

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