Twins That Were Sold For $10 Thousand In 2001 Have Recently Turned 18. This Is How They Live Now

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January 15, 2019 18:15 By Fabiosa

Kiara and Keyara Wecker were only six months old when they were sold to Judith and Alan Kilshaw for $10,000 in 2001. Since then, 18 years have passed, and many people wonder what has happened with the girls. It turns out the sensational twins are legally adults and have recently entered university.

The Sun revealed exclusive testimonies of the couple that ended up keeping custody of the girls. Although the story might seem to have a happy ending, it wasn’t smooth sailing, given that there had been legal struggles preventing them from finding peace in Buckley, North Wales.

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The Kilshaws paid the biological mother of the girls, Tranda Wecker, $10,000 to take custody of her newborn daughters because they couldn’t conceive children naturally.

However, Wecker was a terrible mother who saw her daughters as merchandise products whose sole purpose in this world was to provide her with financial benefits. That is why the woman made the pathetic decision to sell the girls, not only to the Kilshaw couple, but also to another American couple.

It was then discovered that the twins had been sold for the first time to the Californian couple for $5,000. The little girls had lived two months in the United States before moving to the UK with the Kilshaws. This happened because the biological mother snatched the girls from their American foster family after Alan and Judith offered her double the sum of money.

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As a result, the two families claimed that the girls were theirs. They were in a battle to vouchsafe their future. The babies, named Belinda and Kimberley by the Kilshaws, were taken to Britain with vacation visas to begin their adoption paperwork. However, their California parents notified the FBI about the crime and started a transatlantic legal battle.

Where are the girls now?

The twins were finally returned to the United States, where they were immediately placed with a new foster family in Missouri. The Sun newspaper reported that the girls, now 18 years old, have new names and are studying social sciences at a university in the United States.

Their adoptive mother told the newspaper that both are “fine young women, each with their own dreams and ambitions.” Their adoptive father still recalls when social services contacted them:

I felt it was my duty to take them. They brought them straight from the airport to our home and we have never looked back since. 

In short, there are still people who remember this incredible case that shocked Britain and the United States a long time ago. Regardless of the family they stayed with, the most important thing is that the girls found a loving and caring family that no amount of money could buy.

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