Albino Twins From Argentina Were Born With Hair Whiter Than Snow

Date August 7, 2018

Catalina and Virginia were born in the settlement called Delfín Gallo in Tucumán Province in northern Argentina. These two babies left not only doctors, parents and relatives speechless, but also surprised the entire world.

The little girls were both born with albinism, a condition in which the person lacks melanin pigment in the body, which leads to absence of coloration. Issues with pigmentation often are accompanied by vision problems.

Jorge Gómez, the father of the babies, commented that all the hospital staff was also amazed, moved by the birth of the girls, because something like this had not happened before. Although in this province there was already a case of albinism, never has the country seen albino twins before. The father recalls:

When they gave us the news that we would have two babies, it gave us a lot of happiness and when they were born and we saw that they were albinos, that happiness did not change at all. For us it is a blessing.

These girls should receive a special care during their growth, mainly, due to the fact that their skin and eyes are extremely sensitive to UV rays from the sun.

Albinism cannot be detected during pregnancy, that's why the parents found out the news only after the girls were born. In addition, Catalina and Virginia were born prematurely, at 36 weeks, which may have also led to some serious health risks.

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Catalina was first to be born. The girl weighed 5.95 lbs. Two minutes later, her sister Virginia arrived, who weighed a little bit less - 5.5 lbs. Although the girls were born small and weak, the parents took a good care of them, so today, Catalina and Virginia are healthy and happy infants.

The whole family was quite surprised because no one imagined that the couple would come home with two little albino girls. The twins have a brother, who is also thrilled about his special sisters.

The similar case happened in Brazil, where two twin sisters were born. Currently, they are engaged in modeling with their older sister, who has dark skin. The parents are African but they moved to South America in hope of better opportunities.

When the babies were born, his father believed that his wife had been unfaithful since it was almost impossible for them to have blond daughters, so he decided to leave the lady and the little ones.

The mother knew that albinism could transfer to the girls, because her brother, the uncle of the girls, was born with the same condition.



Cases of albinism are very rare, that's why they attract so much attention. Both the Argentine and Brazilian twins have to stay away from the sun, like little vampires. Though, it is important to remember that they are completely normal people.

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