This Baby Was Rejected By Parents Because Of Her Strange Skin, But Her Grandfather Saved Her

Date January 18, 2019 17:07

After only two weeks after birth, this little baby faced rejection of the whole world, including her parents. But thanks to her grandfather's generous heart, she now has a family and a chance to survive.

When Mamata and Ajay Dode, both 25, went to a delivery room, they weren’t expecting their daughter to be born with a rare skin condition. The baby, who was born 2 months prematurely, weighed only 28oz (800 grams).

Although Mamata's pregnancy was normal, the appearance of the newborn was not. Its skin, instead of being soft and smooth, was all covered in wrinkles.

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When they returned to Maharashtra, their village in western India, Mamata and Ajay’s neighbors and friends learned of the baby's strange appearance and began to stigmatize the family.

The villagers avoided the Dodes, and those who saw the newborn refused to hold it or even fled for fear of contracting the same disease. Unfortunately, instead of support and understanding, the Dodes were met with humiliation and rejection.

The young parents, who did not even name their daughter yet, yielded to the pressure of public opinion. Embarrassed, they rejected the baby and started neglecting it. Mamata stopped feeding her, condemning her to starvation.

That was the time when the baby’s grandfather, Dilip Dode, intervened. For two weeks, the 50-year-old worker cared for his granddaughter, feeding her goat milk.

It's not her fault that she was born different, and I'm not going to abandon her because of that.

When the little girl got worse, Dilip took her to the hospital in Mumbai where the baby was born, 85 miles (138 kilometers) from her village. The little one’s luck didn’t end there, as the hospital agreed to cover the medical expenses (around $7,000) and even provided Dilip with accommodation while they determine the cause of the baby’s wrinkled skin. For the time being, the baby's condition is linked to some chromosomal abnormality or Intra-Uterine Growth Retardation (IUGR).

The vast majority of people never faced this level of rejection and abandonment. However, thanks to the generous and understanding grandfather Dilip and the compassion of Wadia Hospital staff, this little baby will have an opportunity to grow in love and acceptance.

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