When Your Childish Birthday Dreams Come True, You Can't Hold The Tears Well Up In Your Eyes

Date July 13, 2018 14:38

One of the biggest childish dreams is to celebrate the birthday with delicious cakes, fun games, and the biggest piñata ever. However, not all families have enough financial possibilities to make those dreams come true.

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A little girl in Brazil waited for her birthday with patience but knew her family could not organize her a lavish party, so she only asked for a cake made by her aunt. When the big day arrived, they surprised her with a small party and with the long-awaited cake.

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No one imagined the reaction would be so emotional, but seeing her cake and feeling such important love by her family, the little girl broke down in tears with the moment being captured on camera.

I took this photo spontaneously, but it perfectly underlined the evening mood.

Those were the words of the mother, Thais Monteiro, who posted the image on her Facebook account. She then also added:

She asked so fervently for a cake from my aunt that we decided to make it a bit more than just a simple treat. But still, nobody imagined it was so important to her until we witnessed her eyes welled up with tears for something so simple. All the guests were excited as well. Whenever I think of the “gratitude,” I will remember this moment. It was very simple, but it was from the pure heart.

The image went viral, and thanks to that, some Brazilian television programs contacted Thais to give her another surprise to her daughter. The touched authorities presented her another cake and some books.

When the family love turns out to be so great, extraordinary things might happen unexpectedly.

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