97-Year-Old Grandmother Receives The Best Care From Her Sisters After Refusing To Move To Hospice

Date July 20, 2018

What can be so special about a video where two senior women look after the third one. Recently, the Internet users found a video where two old ladies lovingly comb the third one, who seems to be bound to a bed.

Later, after a small investigation, it turned out that the woman who was having her hair brushed is 97 years old. She decided to take care of herself in her own home till the end of her days. Luckily, she is not alone. Her two sisters, who are also in their 90s, visit her to help as much as possible. One of the most important tasks the senior siblings help their elder sister to fulfill is of utmost importance, regardless of the age. Like every woman, the 97-year-old granny wants to look beautiful, so the sisters comb her hair and make her pretty for the day.

The story was accompanied with the explanation left by the woman’s granddaughter, mentioning the following:

My 97-year-old grandmother is surrounded with love from her sisters, who are also in their 90s. I am more than sure when my sisters become old, I will brush their hair in the similar way, making sure they look beautiful until the last day of their lives. My grandmother had the dream of having her own home as a hospice until her death. We all try to make this dream come true.

Touched with the story, thousands of users left comments with photographs of their grandmothers, mentioning the happy moments that they had with their grannies. What a lovely tribute!

We take care of our 90-year-old grandmother; it is a privilege, she has taught us to live, and now we help her enjoy her last moments.

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Another touching story was told by a woman whose grandmother receives cosmetology and beauty treatments to look amazing in her 91.

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She sits on my legs and asks me to brush her hair, she does not like my torn jeans and makes the best coffee in the world.

These stories fill the heart with pure joy and are a great lesson in life, especially for those who forget their beloved ones when they became old. They need care, love, and attention. They need to know there are people in the world who love them, and that they will always have their support until the end of their days.

Parents and grandparents do a lot for us every day. When they get old, it will be our turn to give them back their love in the same way.

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