Young Chinese Millionaire Spent His Fortune On Saving Stray Dogs From Being Slaughtered

Date July 11, 2018

In the city of Helong, northeast of China, there is a young man of just over 30, called Wang Yan. This man has become a true champion of activism in favor of animal welfare.

Wang was the owner of a very prosperous metallurgical factory, and despite his young age, he had earned enough to be called a millionaire. However, an unfortunate tragedy changed his life and the lives of thousands of animals. In 2012, his beloved doggie was lost, and Wang could never find him again. He changed the opinion towards the dogs and spent his entire fortune to help rescue the stray dogs.

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In China, there is a serious problem with stray dogs. Being influenced by his own tragedy and disturbed by the situation, Wang decided to invest all his fortune in rescuing these stray dogs and giving them shelter in his own center. It has been soon renamed to “Changchun Animal Rescue Center.”

For now, this young Chinese hero has managed to save more than 2,000 stray dogs. The establishment can usually house around 200 animals living together. Chinese stray dogs are usually picked up by the governmental servicemen and sent to slaughterhouses. Their consumption is traditional in the country, so the meat doesn’t disappear in vain.

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It became a real habit for the citizens to eat dogs. Eventually, more than 10 thousand animals are killed because of their meat annually. That is why Wang decided to take extreme measures with his center and spent almost all his money (about half a million dollars). However, the investment has definitely been worth it to save at least some of these amazing animals.

The idea of ​​the Center is also to promote the pets’ adoption. The good news is that Wang is not alone. Numerous volunteers come to help him look after the dogs and find their new owners. In addition, his faithful wife supported Wang’s new profession, underlining the mutual feelings the couple has. Dogs are washed, dewormed, pampered, and fed. There is no day when they are not cared about.

This man became famous around the country as well as in the whole world. People named Wang’s rescue center in a specific way: Temple of the stray dog. The duty, Yan is performing, is laudable considering the problem the country has with the dogs that are not usually considered as pets.

We hope Wang’s enthusiasm spreads to other cities and he will continue having the wife and volunteers on his side. The dogs would have definitely thanked their hero if they could talk!

Source: iheartdogs

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