After A Long Struggle, Teenage Boy Manages To Be Admitted In A School For Girls


March 11, 2019 17:44 By Fabiosa

Like any average high school student, Arlén arrived on Tuesday at her school wearing a classic jumper, minimalist pearl-shaped earrings, a very subtle makeup, and with her hair well-straightened.

However, Arlén is not an ordinary student. She has had a long struggle to be there among her classmates in a school for girls in the Chilean capital.

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The transformation and the struggle

Despite being born biologically male, Arlén has always felt like a woman. And it took her a lot of courage to start the transformation towards her true gender identity.

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At the time, she was studying in a traditional school for boys, where teachers and employees had no idea what to do with one of their pupils who started wearing makeup, earrings, and long hair.


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In spite of the support of her peers, the employees of the educational establishment constantly harassed Arlén and discriminated against her for defending her gender identity. That was when she decided to transfer to a school for girls.


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Initially, Liceo Javiera Carrera, a high school for girls found a reason to deny Arlén’s entry, but thanks to a media campaign, public support, and even the mayor of the city, Felipe Alessandri, she was finally admitted.

We did it! Arlén will be able to complete her enrollment in Liceo N°1 de Niñas de Santiago. Thanks to all !!!

The most important thing for this 18-year-old is that her case sets a precedent for future transgender people:

You may be denied, but here is an example that it is possible.

Women taking historical steps. It's scary, but they're not alone.

Even now, transgender people continue to be a target for discrimination. But Arlén's victory sets a precedent in Chile and throughout the world. Modern society seems to be becoming more and more inclusive, which is evidenced by the case of Ángela Ponce, for example, who become Miss Spain 2018. Do you think the world is changing for the better?

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