Surprise! Dentist Gave This Father Of Two A Complete Smile Makeover Expecting Nothing In Return

Date November 5, 2018

When Dr. Kenny Wilstead came across Dillon Moore’s photos on Facebook and noticed that the father of two didn’t smile in any of them, he knew he could help.

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The dentist contacted Dillon and offered his services. However, the young man replied that there were too many issues and he couldn’t get off work to attend the dentist.

After a while, fate unexpectedly brought these two together. A year later, Dillon got a toothache and his boss sent him to a random dental clinic to get his back tooth pulled. As chance would have it, the random clinic was the one Dr. Kenny Wilstead owns and works at!

Dillon didn’t recognize his Facebook acquaintance, so he had no reason to suspect that the dentist would fix his other teeth as well. But the doctor remembered the never-smiling young man and his offer still stood.

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The dental health specialist made a risky decision, but he did what he did because he knew it was the right thing to do:

I secretly numbed way more of his mouth than normal for a single tooth extraction🤫 and then I proceeded to do an entire smile makeover without him knowing or even giving me permission to.

A few days ago, and almost a year after carrying out the process, Kenny shared the patient's reaction to seeing his new smile.


The post has already collected more than 5.2 million views and the response has been tremendous:

The procedure took two hours to complete and the result was pure joy for both. According to the doctor, one of the best things was to see Dillon’s new family photo. The children were so happy their father could smile with them for the first time in his life.

Being a health professional is not easy, but getting this kind of reaction from a patient is the best reward!

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