Texas Radio Host Arrested For Performing "La Chona Challenge"


August 8, 2018 14:17 By Fabiosa

A new social media craze is spreading over the globe. It involves stepping out of a moving vehicle and dancing to music (“La chona” by Los Tucanes de Tijuana or Drake’s “In My Feelings” , hence the name "La Chona Challenge" or “Kiki challenge") alongside it. While the fun is highly questionable, the danger is real. In addition to jeopardizing people’s life and property, it can also get you in trouble with the authorities, which is the case in the following story.

Denisse “La Ronca” Garcia, a famous radio announcer from La Ley radio station in Hidalgo, Texas, USA, would have thought twice before joining this trend, if only she’d known how it would end.

La Ley 102.5 y 92.7 / Facebook

What happened?

Denisse mentioned that a friend challenged her to perform La Chona Challenge, and she “didn’t want to do it, but felt like she was going to".  She did well getting out of her car (which is actually a tricky part) and almost completed her dance, when she noticed the police. The girl quickly got back into the car and hoped to get away with it, but she wasn’t so lucky.

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La Ley 102.5 y 92.7 / Facebook

La Ronca tried to explain the concept of a viral media challenge to the law enforcement officer, but in vain. Even the fact that "everyone is doing it" didn’t get through to the police officer.

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"The fact that others are doing it doesn’t let you do it too... You will be placed under arrest for endangering your life and the lives of others.” said officer Dominguez seconds before handcuffing her.

Although the challenge didn’t come out as planned, the announcer decided to post the video anyway to demonstrate the possible consequences of this dangerous type of challenge.

What do you think about this new viral challenge? Please, let us know.

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